Combine and use all the battle actions when needed is the best attacking strategy. Each base design has its own way of protecting them, and you can adjust their placement to fit your base's strategy as much as possible. You almost always want to drop them close to the defense buildings instead of other buildings. Boom Beach is a set it and forget it Mobile game, to me.. You can also predict how the defenses will target your units too. Having higher probability to carry out your raids and playing frequently yields better resource return most of the time. HQ Rush: If enemy’s HQ is not properly defended, use flares to quickly route your units straight to the HQ. It can take out surprisingly large chunks of engine HP. Thank you for doing this. No it doesn’t completely stall your progression. Your Defensive Buildings are the only things repelling attacks on your base, so you need to know how to place them. There is no point to toss all of your units into a base that cannot be raided. Having a strong base layout is one of the most important parts of Boom Beach. Recommended for around Headquarters levels 1-9. You generally need Rifleman as cannon fodders to absorb the heavy damage from those single target defenses. don't rush to unlock another engine room: the matchmaking works according to your rank, stars and the amount of engine rooms you have. Combine the use of flares with them to move your units around in the base. Upgrade Tokens. Focus on an engine that has buildings alongside so you also snipe some of their firepower. 0. The matchmaking takes no consideration of your victory points nor level. Offensive Strategy. I'm rank 9 right now with 10x win streak and my attacks usually take less than a minute. Warships. A properly stacked medkit plus well planned path can help you take down any enemy defenses. Recommended for about Headquarters levels 19+. Currently I am using a 4 landing craft with heavies or riflemen and the other 4 with bombardiers. If you just rely on one single battle action, you probably will do poorly with your attacks. In this section you will learn about general types of base designs. Non-centered HQ: If the enemy base has a HQ to the side or back, that can present itself as an opportunity for you to attack and rush. If you place them badly, other players can take out your base with ease. You end up with 9 level 18 cannons before anyone has even unlocked shocks. When you are farming or raid attacking other players, always note and estimate that amount of losses that you may incur. Other people are reporting how they've overcome it in other threads:,, Since the place where you can drop off your attacking units is only at the beach, it becomes crucial to know where and the time to drop them. However, if the enemy defense has a sore cannon at the beginning, dropping off a swarm of infantries first may work. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Heavy zooka is strong and more reliable for beating bases and splitting your army, but I’m winning by 4-5 seconds generally.