You buy another one, this time you make sure it’s from the BMW dealership, and a few months later the reservoir cracks again. Please be sure that you won't get low mileage engine for £1500 - car breakers know what they're selling and as rule of thumb, good clean engines with noted (still untraceable) low mileage are priced at close figure to £2500. bmw activehybrid 7 HOW CAN YOU SAVE MONEY ON BMW MAINTENANCE? Unfortunately for me that something was a 2012 BMW X5. At this point it will bend all 16 valves, shatter the rocker arms, snap and distort both camshafts and the camshaft housing. If they don't you are out $9k +$22k to do it their way and BMW will only goodwill a portion, if at all. I was dumbfounded to discover that the NEW reservoir was now leaking. The timing chain is located at the rear of the engine bay and is not intended to be a serviceable part. The second-generation X5s had plastic timing chain guides on the V8 engines that would go out prematurely (happened to me). What owners should do: Call your local dealer with your vehicle’s identification number to determine if it’s eligible for repairs under this service bulletin. We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,1050],'abetterbmw_com-large-leaderboard-1','ezslot_1',103,'0','0']));report this ad. The N47 engine family is prone to excessive timing chain wear and premature failure. At Evoque Motors our technicians do offer following procedures regarding worn timing chains: If your vehicle mileage is 80,000 to 100,000 miles - call 01254 679364 and ask for advice. Why you should use Evoque Motors for timing chain replacement. Here, what we usually do is to first turn off the engine, that is if the car owner had not already done that. Early in 2013, our workshop specialist was consulted by researchers from the BBC Watchdog programme - they were keen to acquire real-world professional advice on this subject, and some of our engine rebuild customers had recommended us to BBC Watchdog as experts in this subject. They are a PITA to replace and unfortunately they rarely last beyond 150k miles. The problem: Timing chains on N63 engines have been found to stretch and wear out prematurely, resulting in premature valvetrain wear and reduced engine performance. However, other cases come with a massive engine damage that may require a complete overhaul of your BMW engine. The most recently reported issues are listed below. This happened to me, it will probably happen to you. service bulletins, 2020 Car Seat Check Honor Roll: Best New Cars for Car Seats, Ford Rewards Essential Service Workers by Giving Them a Free Essential Service. Also, regular maintenance checks and service can be the difference between a towed car and a good running vehicle. The X5 has been offered as inline 6s, v8s and diesels. Our X5 sped up the coolant system replacement when the reservoir cracked, and the car proceeded to leave a puddle of coolant on my garage floor. That being said, always do your research on the specific year and engine of the X5 you are interested in. My mother enjoyed the trip so much that she decided to bring something back with her. bmw x6 2009 Look for a good BMW independent on the link I posted or a dealer that is reasonable and has some real experience in diagnosis and repair. Engine operating noise check to quickly identify timing chain noise. This way you can get away with roughly paying £1500 - £2500 for an engine and around £700 for installation including oil and filter as minimum, that’s totalling to £2200 - £3200. Another, most popular solution is to find good condition low mileage used engine. The timing chain is located in the rear end of the engine, an area that was not designed to be serviceable. Copy parts are simply unreliable although this is the only way for engine repairers to keep the cost low and sales high.