But Michonne told Judith she was headed even further north. Bloodsworth Island will appear in this episode. To satisfy her craving, she and her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) set out on a path of death and destruction... together. The show’s heroes embark on a quest to get the survivor from New York to California, where a lab waits to test his blood. But here's how Gurira's final episode connects her to the Andrew Lincoln films and the next chapter in Richonne's story. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Michonne still doesn't know about Rick being carted away in a chopper by Jadis because he was a "B." "What We Become" All rights reserved. She takes a job in a coroner’s office to gain access to the brains she must eat to maintain her bodily autonomy and avoid becoming a stereotypical zombie. He promptly also held Michonne captive and poisoned her with jimson weed that led her to have hallucinations of an alternative Michonne. So in the mid-season finale, one of the major events is that Michonne and her group encounter a man named Virgil (Kevin Carroll) at Oceanside, who claims to live on an island in the Chesapeake Bay with his family. ‘Walking Dead': What Did Carol Really See, and What Did She Hallucinate. Enjoy! Just the two of them alone. Also Read: Lauren Cohan May Return to 'The Walking Dead' 1 Season Earlier Than Expected. We included the Rotten Tomatoes scores with each ranking for comparison. Rotten Tomatoes score: 96%  Hailing from across the pond at the BBC, this short-lived series only lasted two seasons. Also Read: Here's What Happens Next With Negan and the Whisperers in the 'Walking Dead' Comics. Or maybe Virgil is a Whisperer or a member of some unknown faction and is going to instead take Michonne to someplace that isn’t Bloodsworth Island. But after she managed to free herself and the researchers, Michonne gave Virgil another chance, highlighting how far she has come since her loner days accompanied only by her "pet" zombie. Though arguably not as popular as the original, the drama series has been going steady since 2015 and its fifth season will premiere on June 2. War seems inevitable regardless, and I figured Michonne would either end up as a casualty of that war, or with her death being the catalyst for its beginning. This "hell" version of Michonne let Andrea die, joined Negan and his Saviors (which is why there were shots of her holding Lucille in the trailer for this season), and was killed by Daryl and Rick. The show was recently canceled after 5 seasons, giving way to its upcoming prequel, “Black Summer.”. Type https://walkingdead.fandom.com/wiki/Bloodsworth_Island?oldid=1411041. Kevin Carroll's Virgil character tricked her — his family was actually dead all along and he imprisoned his fellow researchers. While on … Virgil is trying to return home, and makes a deal with Michonne — she makes sure he gets home, and she can have the stockpile of weapons to use them against the Whisperers. When her character Sheila dies from a mysterious illness, she comes back to life without a heartbeat -- but with a curiously strong hunger for human flesh. Critics said it used the same old end-of-days scenario without much in the way of originality. First off, Carroll is not joining the cast of “The Walking Dead” just in a brief guest spot — he’s going to be around on this show for at least a little bit. Unsurprisingly, Little Ass Kicker told her mom she has to go find Rick. Even though it is no longer used, the island is still off limits to the public due to contamination from various unexploded shells. Virgil says he's from Bloodsworth Island in Tangier Sound. At some point, it was settled by Virgil and his family. This is a real-life location in the Chesapeake Bay that once was a naval base. But as she travels, she may discover a powerful community behind this mode of transportation. Following her Walking Dead exit, Gurira is busy as the showrunner of the miniseries Americanah and a star of the Black Panther sequel. Walking Dead Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Season 1 of “Black Summer” comes to Netflix April 11 -- we’ll see how this one ranks! Rotten Tomatoes score: 89%  Running since 2015 on The CW, Rose McIver stars as another cute, unconventional zombie lady named, ironically, Liv. The island in question is Bloodsworth Island. Instead of planes, trains, and automobiles, the apocalyptic world relies on boats, wagons, and helicopters. The boat trip could be Michonne’s back door into the “Walking Dead” movie that Rick flew away to in that helicopter. And so Michonne sets off with Virgil. Bloodsworth Island The mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” might provide the means for Danai Gurira to exit the show, (Spoilers ahead for the Season 10 mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” on AMC). The final moments of the episode made it more clear than ever that Michonne is joining the Rick Grimes movies. But showrunner Angela Kang and the rest of the creative team on “The Walking Dead” might have another plan in mind for ending Michonne’s story. Taking place after the zombie apocalypse is over, it follows 18-year-old former zombie Kieren, as he attempts to reenter society. Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead Season 10. In real life, the island was used as a bombing range by the U.S. Navy from 1942 to 1990. When a mysterious and fatal virus starts infecting people, part of Atlanta is quarantined -- but attempts to find a cure are met with the unravelling of a possible conspiracy. They discover -- you guessed it -- a zombie-like plague that could threaten man-kind. This is territory that has not been explored in the “Walking Dead” comics, so this situation feels pretty wide open. The base was presumably abandoned by the Navy either during or sometime after the outbreak. Status Maybe. At this point, the TV show version of “The Walking Dead” is taking a path that is pretty far from the way this conflict went down in the comics, with most of the happenings of the past few episodes being original to the show. And Michonne’s story is no exception. Literally anything could happen with this thread. Rotten Tomatoes score: 77%   Your typical zombie apocalypse aftermath show, except this time, someone survives the zombie plague. While on foot during her journey, two people approached Michonne asking for her help to join a caravan full of wagons, horses, and people traveling in organized formations. But now she knows he may be alive and that he had traveled by boat — which is new information to fans too since we last saw Rick on a helicopter. It’s hard to tell, because it’s clear now that Alpha (Samantha Morton) clearly is enacting some kind of plan that viewers aren’t privy to. Hell, at this point the actual war might have started. Ahead of her final episode, AMC had not officially confirmed her involvement in the three spinoff movies set for theatrical release. Six years have passed since Rick seemingly died, but now Michonne has the proof she needs to seek out her partner. Maybe she’s going to die on the island and Virgil will take the weapons to Oceanside himself. Bloodsworth Island is located in the Chesapeake Bay off the coast of Maryland. Everything about this is a red flag. With the knowledge that Alpha is dead and the horde has been partially destroyed, Michonne agreed to leave her children behind and enter the great wide world of Walking Dead movies. Prior to the outbreak, the island was used as a naval base, with the U.S. Navy stockpiling large amounts of heavy weaponry on it. Michonne says there was a military base there. He is a resident of Bloodsworth Island, alongside his family. Fans say it gives a brain and a heart to zombie drama, as it's less about blood and gore, and more about examining the stereotypes and knee-jerk reactions that lead Kieren’s hometown to discriminate against him. And we managed to make it this far without Michonne (Danai Gurira) dying, which is nice. He served as the primary antagonist of the episode "What We Become". Michonne's last appearance on The Walking Dead didn't see her saving the communities from the Whisperers, but it did set her up for a potential epic Richonne reunion. But Michonne told Judith she was headed even further north. Seen in Series Or maybe Virgil is a Whisperer or a member of some unknown faction and is going to instead take Michonne to someplace that isn’t Bloodsworth Island. Ahead of Netflix’s new zombie-drama “Black Summer,” we ranked zombie TV shows from worst to best. Island/Naval Base It was during Virgil and Michonne's continued search for the weapons that she found some of Rick's things. The word "Rick" also appeared on the phone, as well as some characters from a foreign language's alphabet. But her final episode is proof that the forthcoming "Rick Grimes movies" are really going to be the "Rick and Michonne movies," which helps lessen the sting of losing Michonne on The Walking Dead. Michonne's trip to retrieve weapons from a naval base to use against the Whisperer horde turned out to be a major bust. Issue/Episode Share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom. Gurira announced that this would be her last season on the show, Here's What Happens Next With Negan and the Whisperers in the 'Walking Dead' Comics, Lauren Cohan May Return to 'The Walking Dead' 1 Season Earlier Than Expected, Here’s What Happens Next With Negan and the Whisperers in the ‘Walking Dead’ Comics, Lauren Cohan May Return to ‘The Walking Dead’ 1 Season Earlier Than Expected. But one thing is certain: at some point in the next eight episodes, Michonne is going to exit this series. Third: this little journey will take us to a brand new major location that none of the characters who were on the show before this episode have ever been to. This is … Rotten Tomatoes score: 60%  For those who just couldn’t get enough of “The Walking Dead,” here is its prequel, which explores how the zombie apocalypse that dictates the story of “TWD” began.