The eleventh season of Bigg Boss were related to Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma, Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani. With the fight to become the next captain getting fierce, she accuses him of dancing to Vikas Gupta's tune. Did he really or is that a lame excuse? Things escalate further when Hina Khan blames Vikas Gupta for the blunder. She has entered the journalism world to explore her passion for writing and reporting. Day 12: The drama in the Bigg Boss house reaches next level when Sapna Choudhary sprays insecticide on Arshi Khan in the kaal kothri! The new luxury budget task titled Mission BB11 has the housemates play astronauts and spend time in a model rocket. Catch up on all the fun and the launch of a brand new song of their upcoming film. Accusations and mud slinging continue and Salman decides to put his foot down. Watch rivalries spiral out of control in yet another fiery day at the house. With all the melodrama being monitored by the padosis, will the four neighbours take advantage of this growing unrest?

Watch Priyank Sharma go head on at hurling insults at Vikas Gupta. How will the housemates react to such a fiery start to the season? It was said that Hina Khan’s stylist contacted various designers to sponsor clothes for her on the show. But it's not going to be a smooth ride because Priyank Sharma's constant tattletaling is getting on everyone's nerves. Hiten Tejwani.

The boys of the Bigg Boss house turn belly dancers to impress the diva! Now Vikas is ruing the promise he made to Puneesh Sharma regarding Bandgi Kalra's safety in the captaincy process. The unsuspecting housemates find themselves in a mire when Bigg Boss disguises this week's nomination process as a performance ranking contest. With the challenge of being trapped inside a dome and trying to spend precisely 42 minutes in there while enduring the constant distractions, this is one task not to be missed. He was a part of Bigg Boss 12 season and this was his third reality show. Will the new captain finally pick a side or will he stand true to his reputation as a neutral party? Did they really get intimate? With his eyes set on the captaincy, Vikas bounces back in the game with some new alliances. 4. She is on a mission to find the Padmavati, Ratan Singh and Alauddin Khilji of the house. She complained that she was harassed by the production team. Day 66: Hina Khan feels that Hiten Tejwani deliberately did not keep his promise of making her captain of the house. Watch now. Post with kindness. Day 101: With the final nomination process under way, Bigg Boss picks the four finalists of the season. The task titled Mount BB, assigns the housemates the burden of climbing up a mountain, but with their fates in each others hands. Wait! Look no further than the new luxury budget task where Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan get to play the good and the evil queen respectively. With the housemates mocking him and misunderstanding his intentions, will the mastermind find a way to get the job done?

Salman Khan has a couple of very special guests for the contestants to meet. Bhabhiji Controversy Get ready for a double dose of chaos. Day 100: Arshi Khan makes a surprise visit to spice up the finale week. While Hina Khan denies being at fault, Priyank Sharma sides with Vikas Gupta and accuses her of crossing the line. One more housemate is headed for a similar fate, as the angry host's justice is swift and decisive. Hina Khan gets her sweet revenge by nominating Akash Dadlani for spitting on food. Who does he go bald for? Watch as trust and friendships are thrown out of the window in this epic contest. What happens when two drama queens get to be real queens? This is related to Shilpa Shinde who starred in the show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai. Catch all the action and drama of this star-studded Weekend Ka Vaar, on Voot!