The only acceptable illumination is candles or torches. Church and ministry leadership resources to better equip, train and provide ideas for today's church and ministry leaders, like you. printable book of shadows pages for witches here! I budgeted for this and it was worth it. In this case I have to say, Google really is your friend – when it comes to offerings, modern is just as good as historical. Encountering or hearing a dog is an indication that your petition has been heard. Hecate : The Most Lovely One; Worker from Afar; Three -Headed Hound of the Moon; Influence from Afar; The One Before the Gate; Light Bringer. All these things work very well as offerings for her today, too. Hekate emerged more powerful than ever, a goddess of birth, death, and purification. On the metaphysical level the offerings and sacrifices nourish the Gods and spirits, they take the essence or energy of the offerings, this energy/essence helps them to manifest themselves more in the life of their devotees. This has been the magical bootcamp, the P90X/INSANITY workout system of magic that I was desperately looking for and begged my HGA to get me.And here it is.” – Scarlet Magdalene, “If you dedicate yourself to it, the rewards are immense. I often feel like I’m saving money during the week only to find that I’m well behind my goals when I go to…. She may have originated in what is now Georgia on the Black Sea, home of Medea, her most famous devotee and priestess. She really loves pomegranates that I give her whole as decoration on her shrine and altar, or that I cut in two halves and then press out the red juice during the rites. Most offerings that we know today through ancient sources- are connected to the Deipnon. I know, I was weary to make it myself. Whether that’s negative thoughts, people, or actions, this spell will help you to do just that. “I. • A Friday the 13th in August is especially sacred. Hekate Global Rite: Oct 31st through Nov 3rd. Burn some on a charcoal disc or toss into a fire. I also run the cozy lifestyle blog Perfectly Hygge, © 2020 Eclectic Witchcraft - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP, Find Financial Freedom With This Spell To Save Money, Cinnamon Money Tea: Prosperity Spell To Increase Abundance, Call on Hekate To See The Future This Samhain, Aphrodite Incense: An Incense Recipe To Honor The Goddess of Love and Beauty, Call on Hekate To See The Future This Samhain - Eclectic Witchcraft. Hekate is associated with the moon, so if you can get a view of the moon then all the better. I can accomodate that as well. If i were to make moon water to clean my crystals could I use the extra as an offering to Hecate. Altar Offerings for Hecate. Offer any fruit offerings to Hecate using your left hand. Although now most associated with Greek mythology, her name, meaning “influence from afar” acknowledges Hekate’s foreign origins. – Catorina McDonald, “Its a significant investment of time and cash. It is my opinion that every witch should seek the guidance and protection of this goddess of witches. There will be periodic videos to support the material. All altars that were dedicated to Hekate, that were found, were ouranic-altars. That said, there is a way to repair mistakes if you miss a few days. When in the ancient sources the dog sacrifices to Hekate are mentioned- this kind of sacrifice is meant. And through this course she has taught me practical magic, good shit I definitely needed, that I will be forever grateful for. She is invoked for justice. Most offerings that we know today through ancient sources- are connected to the Deipnon. Sometimes a small weekly payment is the easiest to deal with. Afterwards the animal was prepared and cooked. Hekate, Queen Witch, is a shape-shifter supreme: usual manifestations are as a black dog or mature woman. At the same time the offerings brought a part of the divine into the devotees (through the shared meal). From what I’ve read, it almost seems as if they don’t have any other way of getting food/drink/etc. I think i will reply to this in an article. Its been priceless to me. That was very informative! The Gods have given you their blessings, all that you have in your life comes somehow from the Gods. These offerings were used to avert harm and negative influences. The last day of each month is dedicated to Hekate. In ancient times, threeheaded statues of her were set up at many intersections and secret rites were performed under a full moon to appease her. I offer her almonds, green cardamom seeds (as seeds, or in oils and incense), poppy seeds, sesame, sesame-cakes, it is possible to offer her honey infused with herbs (or oils infused with herbs- or herbal salts). Change ). Birthday candles or tea candles are fine for short rituals. Happy Chanting…” But don’t take the work lightly). Graveyard dirt 2. Please note that posts on this site may contain affiliate links. They don’t require all 3 parts, but I do try to include all 3. She may wear snakes in her hair. Help me with some advises? And even if you just want to honour/worship Hekate not on a regular level, giver her food offerings on the Deipnon and Noumenia. ive found even after blessing, more naturally acquired offerrings felt way more appropriate. If you prefer a different breakdown I have the following options. Members of the family – genealogical connections, Other related deities and entities associated with this deity, Variations on this deity (aspects, regional forms, etc. Hekate? In her dark aspect, she wears a necklace made of testicles; her hair is made of writhing snakes which petrify, like the medusa. 2. This post is part of a blog challenge series, 30 Days of Devotion to Hekate. Samhain is a time when we are all in a liminal space…. I hope that the chant in this post will help you to call on Hekate for your spells and rituals as well! It was not about to believe in the Gods (what is quite important to monotheistic religions today) but to connect yourself with the Gods. This background can make them unwilling to do anything that feels similar to those religions. And, frankly, if you don’t have that same nagging itch at the back of your aura to do this, I wouldn’t. Source: Buy my printable book of shadows pages for witches here! And you don’t want to attract dangerous wildlife. I’m Emma, your host and guide through all things witchy and new age. It is my opinion that every witch should seek the guidance and protection of this goddess of witches. But if you are creative you could use sacred herbs, incense, herbal teas, fruits etc. You need to make an offering to Hekate on every New Moon during training. perhaps an offerring of rare herbs special to her in a salad. She rules over the waning and dark moon, a two-week period that is best for magic that deals with banishing, releasing, planning and introspection. In one myth, she turns into a bear or boar and kills her own son, then brings him back to life. In addition to keeping space for her, giving offerings is another great way … I’ve gone through every stage you can imagine as I learned about my faith and practice. Sometimes a small weekly payment is the easiest to deal with. Let the offerings stay for some time on the shrine/altar and than bury them outside, burn them or leave them on a crossroad (if it is not harmful for animals to eat it). It’s the ideal marriage of spiritual depth and down ‘n’ dirty practicality. “I. 1. To understand the metaphysical and symbolical meaning of offerings and sacrifices better- you can look into religions were those practices are still living and breathing. Keys 3. Every once in a while she appears as a black cat, snake, or dragon. It has SO MANY applications. Garlic, Onions and Eggs were used in a similar way- the Miasma/negative influences were connected with those offerings and than brought to the crossroads to get rid of those things.