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If you look at it closely, it actually seems like it should be a travel, but that’s not the point of this post. hide. Discussion. The Isaiah Canaan jumpshot is really good for those who are looking to get off quick shots.

With Canaan’s shot, you’ll have the ball up in the air almost as soon as you press the shoot button.
The final NBA 2K20 best jumpshot that we recommend isn’t modeled after a player at all and is simply referred to as Jump Shot 11. In NBA 2K20, the same thing is true. Of course that doesn’t guarantee a make, but it certainly raises your chances. Check out these 5 NBA 2K21 jump shots that are green light in the game, to learn more about the shooting skill. Kobe's iconic jump shot works amazingly well with a Scoring Machine build. embedded above, and treat yourself to some - dare we say - fantastic plays in the Park. I have the jump shot creator unlocked and my shot that i used in 19 is broke af (base 8, Kobe release). So, back in February, we made a guide on how to create one of the best guard builds in NBA 2K20 - a Scoring Machine. Equipping the dunk animations mentioned above will turn you into a proper highflyer!

Whether players want to look like Steph Curry or change their faces completely, they will definitely want to jump like him; Curry has one of the best jumpshots in the whole NBA. While NBA 2K20 has been divisive for many players, there's no doubt that 2K20 sports the best graphics yet, new game modes, and one of the most detailed player customizers ever seen before.

The added hop will help you get a little bit of extra space between yourself and the defender when trying to get a shot off. 2K Sports NBA 2K20 is the 21st installment of the NBA-themed basketball sim games from Visual Concepts. guide save. MORE: 5 Great Classic Teams In NBA 2K20 (& The 5 Worst).

To unlock, go to the Team Practice Facility and do about 10 drills. A one-stop shop for all things video games. PieYow open 1 year ago...Read more . You can see them all in the list below.

This includes even picking what kind of jumpshot characters have. Kobe's iconic jump shot works amazingly well with a Scoring Machine build. Demon's Souls Features Over 180 Guides in PS5 UI, 5 Great Classic Teams In NBA 2K20 (& The 5 Worst), TikTok Star Pokeprincxss Sued By Nintendo, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Lets Players Infiltrate Soviet Union, KGB Headquarters, Ghost of Tsushima Legends Final Raid Boss Beat in 6 Minutes, Genshin Impact Player Discovers How To Roll, Xbox Series X Console Has Hidden Halo Easter Egg, Marvel's Avengers Leaks Black Panther and War Machine Character Models, Elden Ring Fans Are Going Crazy Over FromSoftware's Update, Red Dead Redemption 2: Actor Roger Clark Would Be Willing to Return as Arthur, Destruction AllStars and Bugsnax May Reveal Sony's Bigger Plans for PS Plus on PS5, Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Player Creates Awesome Custom Track, How to Unlock the Fortnite Ghost Rider Skin, Pokemon GO Announces Battle League Season 5 Release Date, Apex Legends Releases Horizon Character Trailer, PS5 DualSense Controller Appears to Feature Customizable Plate, Twitch Streamer Gets 3 Million Followers Overnight, Call of Duty: Warzone Has Over 80 Million Downloads Since Launch. His jumpshot is slow compared to some of the others, but is perfect for players that either have great defensive teammates or players that wait to shoot until their part of the court is empty. It's an easy jumpshot that is slow enough to make green-zoning each shot easy.

Green release is an everyday thing for a Scoring Machine, if you set your jump shot right. This makes it a shoe-in for its all around ease of use and being great in many situations, whether players are actively being defended against or not.

Equipping the dunk animations mentioned above will turn you into a proper highflyer! First off, let's answer the question that our comments section has been most vocal about: the best jump shot to equip for our version of the Scoring Machine build is none other than Kobe Bryant's. 1. Related Content. to maximize your build's shooting potential.

While it's not the best jumpshot in the game for everyone, it is a great middle ground for most situations. From there, you can select the Shots tab and then Jumpshots. report . Every player is going to be a little bit different when it comes to jump shot preference, but we have identified three different NBA 2K20 jumpshots that will bring your game to the next level. Keep reading to learn more about each shot.

Once there, open up the Appearance menu and you’ll see the Animation Store.