abate 3-5-2 formation which gives good positioning across the pitch for attack and defence. You have so many attacking options. On the diagram above, you can see that all the pitch is covered with little gaps around each player in that strong, highlighted area. I am selling my current team and making a premiership team but was wondering would you know what formation would be good for a premiership team.. my main thing would be fast wingers down the wing and whipping in crosses but sometimes go through the middle.

Brazil, Chelsea, Madrid all strong teams and best on game. Looking forward to it. The classic formation over the years. .. again txs a lot for ur help n time . Quite a good formation. and they will also provide great width as well on the counter. If a i try a 4-3-3 barca style or one with two cdm and one cam like porto or athletico madrid, if find attacking generally difficult, the wingers are very isolated from the midfield, and the striker from the wingers and i tend to fail to make opportunities and force passes to wingers for example and lose the ball! Liverpool is the second-highest-rated team from England despite their UCL success.

Who should I play in attacking mid Reus or Hazard? Another huge positive is the rigidness of the defensive set-up. Keep Palacio, Neuer, Rooney, Dzsudzak, Pepe.

Then you can have fast wingers from either of them. or choose the better one? Thanks.

What should I do? You need Thiago Silva and Chiellini next to each other and Santana from Dortmund if using 3. Shaqiri Representing, as with the 4-3-2-1, at least one more defensive-minded midfielder is advisable. A defensive tactic relying on wing backs to boost the midfield. Probably 4-3-3 if you are good player and strong midfielders. But still hard to break down. What should I need I’m currently using 4-2-31 who do I need to buy in the bench, Balotelli

Can’t really say at moment as stil getting used to the game and the tactics for FIFA13. CDM with high def mid attack and wide CAMs with high attack mid defence. With the new runs that AI makes – is 4 at the back the sensible thing?

I got the tip from the #5 ranked player in the world, and I hardly lose with it, when I do lose its by a lucky goal such as a header. What is the best formation for bundesliga i need RW atleast 1 CAM, i had a BPL team and used the 4-1-2-1-2 formation and always play my mate who uses a 4-5-1 liverpool squad and i just cannot beat him im going back to a brazilian squad and want to know the best formation against him as hes pretty good on his through balls over and on ground and his defense is good as well i used to have the brazilian squad at 4-1-2-1-2 worked fairly alright just want to know if there is a better formation to beat him with.

its essentially a 2-3-2-3 formation. —Sagna—–Vermaelen—-Kaboul—-Cole—– If the 3 CM's sit deeper, then options in the box are also limited. Options to attack on counter or direct with a target man.

Same as above but this time two strikers with a more creative CF option. Hey, whats a goof formation defensively and attacking wise? What is more good to use? Try them all your style of play might like 4-3-3? Difficult tactic to use but more effective with more expensive players (Bale, Mbappe etc). If you don’t select your CM and CDM carefully and methodically, then they can be exposed easily. Do you think it is a good formation for the club? i usually go back and forth between Division 1 & 2. FIFA 13 is more complex than 12. With a CAM to pull the strings and two strikers and potential wingers you can really push forward with this formation. Know everything about your players. Can’t help you there as never play with 5 at back so players would be different positions.

You have to improve your game which is never easy. Lacks that CAM and striker link up and if you go for a more attacking version you lose the defensive side. It's crucial to select a mixture of work rates for your CM's as if you have 3 with the same they will all be too close. If there is any, it's the lack of CAM or advanced midfielders to join in the central areas. Because i’m thinking off getting one of them, If I get Tevez, will his speed be enough because I want to be sure he’ll be good enough (He doesn’t have to be super fast, Just faster than majority of Defenders. I liked 3-5-2 so was going g to use that this year……BUT – there are so few CBs with pace and they cost a fortune and I don’t play enough to pay for them. nounkeo 12 Then adapt one to the other. I am using a default 4-3-3 formation and was wondering what slider numbers I should use as well as whether I should use free form or organised. Thanks.

Need to test over around 20 games each formation. What your favorite teams & formations? Because Nasri has got incredible skills, weakfoot , strength and speed all in one in my opinion. Hello fifaaddicition,

I like pacey defenders and a strong midfield.

Then only use players with high attack work rate. what is the way to defend and attack against a very good Bayern muchen side when they are playin 4-2-3-1 formation?? Learn new ways to play and skill. Hi Barca, in a manual tournament, i use the 3133 Barca style with: Piszchez – Dante – Ogbonna / Tiotè / Iniesta – Tevez – Marcelo / Sterling – Falcao – Mata. Look at our latest blog maybe worth a look?

Attacking in FIFA 20 seems more overpowered down the middle.

Use the players recommended in the bargain player Ultimate Team section. im building 4-1-2-1-2 squad but i dont know how i should get to my second striker and squad is

The first being in vast areas. is there another good formation i can use but i need hazard as a Left winger or a LF. What do you think the capabilities of a 5-1-3-1 are? The 2 CM’s are crucial to this formations success.Most suited style of play: Quick, short, sharp passing in terms of build-up play with an attacking focus in particular. Make sure to switch from the “false 9” formation to the other 4-3-3 options when Luka is subbed on. Having a player like Ronaldo or Neymar in the LM position would be a little bit of a waste for us. But i cross lots my key component to my game whats a perfect formation for that ?

Keep looking at them all.

I really like it but I want to add balotelli in there too. We would replace Vermaelen with Kaboul from Spurs. 4-3-1-2 is great because if u have a good defence you can pile everything at the opponent and the cf is always in space. OR even if they do manage to counter you and their pace-players are running at you down the pitch, your 3 CB’s will almost always do a good job slowing the opponent down until the rest of your team catches up.

Might give 3-4-3 a go, btw love this site!

Required fields are marked *, Comment - Please enter number above first. formation would be better, something where they will make runs often and find space for volleys etc.

i start with Ramires as the center with Cabaye to his left and Oscar to his right, as Ramires has a high work rate for both Att and Def.

this is by far the best 3-at-the-back formation to use. I’ve recently got SIF Reus and I can’t figure out a way to outperform with him .. FIFA 14.

Also, their defenders always catch my strikers, but not vice versa.

Wayne Rooney 14

Say this was my squad (I’m considering making it but I would like my answer first). Gonul Rami Mascherano Jordi alba Not really EA produced a game where counter attack hitting long balls over top is annoyingly a good way to create chances. Weaknesses: A big problem with this one is it is very prone to counter attacks especially if you have chosen wingers with high attacking work rates. I generally use borussia dortmund, arsenal or juventus. Youtube linked top right of website. 5th is the 4-3-3 formation. i’ll be using players like neymar and kelvin and other similar players with 5 star skills, Johnson (liverpool) Kompany Kaboul Clichy 4-1-2–1-2 btw

Advantages: Solid and good for attack through the middle or on the wings.


help please . Im with Chelsea Fc manager mode 1st season because I repeated again because it freezes at 2023. i really want to try out hazard so i put him in a 4-3-3 with yaya toure in centre of midfield, but i am having alot of defensive problems. For players with a long history of choosing Real Madrid as their go-to team, you might want to fiddle around and figure out an alternative line-up with the 4-3-3 (Holding) formation.

I’m not a fan of pace whoring… I often find if i try a pace team out after rage selling lol… the players don’t seem that quick and the likes of Wellington cant outpace Skrtel!!>>!>!?? Just wondering if you have any tips to using it.

When will you announce the results of your testing — i.e., what formation you’ve found the best this year? The wide players provide key width to your play and the CM acts as the main playmaker which can provide the 2 CAM’s with ample space to join in with the ST to create plenty of goal scoring opportunities. Often you need to decide whether you base your play on players or a formation.

CF with two Strikers can hurt teams on counter.


as in strong defense but also wings to attack down with etherington and pennant with jones in the middle for the head and jerome for a through ball with his pace? You HAVE to play the right way (see below) for a formation to work like this. Can also join wingbacks into attacks.

Some have high attacking work rate. I like my long shots, I rarely shoot inside the box, normally on the edge/ 5 yards from box. This tactic works best with a big target man as striker to knock the balls onto the two forwards. r/fifaclubs: The #1 subreddit for FIFA Pro Clubs players.

Cheers go for it 3-5-2 is good too.

The other formations are in no particular order.

ST: Agüero (and Tevez, if the formation requires two). Thanks J, 4-3-1-2,less to the wing but great in offence, What formation are you finding the best so far? 4-2-3-1?

maicon Strong and balanced designed for short or long passing with strong defensive positioning. Although some formations are better for attacking and some better for defending. hi i need some help im a decent Fifa player but i find myself struggling against the 352 formation.