That is what I would think. Any "real guy"—serious, slightly hard-beaten and weary—is going to have a hard time being open when presented with the idea that the thing causing all the problems around town is the boogeyman. So that's a genius combination and it's not one that would have occurred to me. MENDELSOHN:  I have not seen that deep in. GROSS: Ben Mendelsohn, it's been a pleasure to talk with you. He studied at Mercersburg Academy of Pennsylvania, U.S. but got expelled for burning things. Because El Cuco would get confused because, you know what, I can become a fucking filing cabinet. Over its ten episodes, The Outsider gave viewers plenty to ponder on their own—like the nature of evil, for starters—even if the finale left audiences with some questions that may or may not be revisited in a second season. By … There are many readings of it. It’s very hard for me to know how to talk about it without feeling like it’s going to detract or tip the hand as to what’s going to come, but I think that’s where these guys have really done something that is powerful and original. There have been surprises, even from what we’ve done to what now is there, the way that these guys have structured that. ... We spoke a little bit about “Mississippi Grind,” when we were talking … I couldn't tell you. The actor will next star in the dark comedy Babyteeth, which marks his first Australian-made film since 2010's Animal Kingdom. We’re here to talk about some Batman movies, so let’s talk about some Batman movies. He cares about the protection of the young, particularly in this case, young males—anyone that could stand-in for his son. That stuff is overwrought, for my money. 'No, I love it fine, I love it fine. MENDELSOHN:  The nuts and bolts of that was that those guys was they arranged to have a meeting and they pretty much told me that they would like me to play the part. Can you elaborate on the significance behind one major change from the book—where Ralph's son Derek is just away at camp rather than being dead? The second is that it tightens his coil of purpose and fury. There were some scenes that are coming, which were really, really hard days. There’s a couple that are gone anyway, so I offered to get them taken back out. There are a very significant couple of things that have happened, and there is an over-arching narrative for some of those family members. It ended with a knuckle-biting shootout and a standoff with a supernatural personification of evil in the depths of a Tennessee cave. He had his first child with one of his past relationships, whereas, his second was the miracle of his relationship with his ex-wife Emma Forrest. "My character got flipped from being a puppeteer kinda guy to someone who wanted to be besties with Ryan. Ben Mendelsohn inside a car. At the end of the first season, will the audience understand how the show could continue on, or will that question remain? Published: 11:20 EST, 18 July 2020 | Updated: 11:57 EST, 18 July 2020. But with the broad strokes and, if you like, the internal map of this guy, I had a pretty good grounding of, in the major highways. Ad Choices, Ben Mendelsohn on The Outsider Finale, El Cuco, and Modern Masculinity. "Ramsay Street deserves respect." Thank you so much, and congratulations on "The Outsider." So, I’m just going to have to be a broken record, and I apologize for that. Grrr!'" The meeting I had with those guys was a really good meeting. He was in a romantic relationship with Kate Fischer in 1993. “I don't have a problem doing interviews. How often did the story turn into something you didn’t expect? I'm the guy that is aware that we shut down a lot of our mystical faculties, but doesn't yet know how to do the next thing. Do you have a viewing strategy? I feel very special about that. It's a bright, crunchy winter morning and Ben Mendelsohn wants to walk while we talk. Within seconds, the 44-year-old Australian actor is a few steps ahead and I have to strain to catch his words, which isn't as tricky as it sounds since most of them are "fuck". Before anything else had happened, that was the entry point. He's off, cutting away, doing what he's doing. MENDELSOHN:  I think there is a significant latitude there. He has been actively involved with the Mirabel Foundation, a social organization, which supports orphan and children abandoned by drug-addicted parents. When the new episodes would drop, we’d go back and read them. Dogs and cats. Facts About Ben Mendelsohn – Australian Actor From “Captain Marvel”. But I never felt, in a creative sense, that we were ever veering into a place that I hadn’t signed on for. Speaking to GQ magazine in 2018, Ben joked that he just plays a bad guy, 'for the money'. After that, he joined Eltham High School in Melbourne as he moved into Australia with his grandmother. The Australian native, Paul Benjamin Mendelsohn aka Ben Mendelsohn is a famous actor and producer. His son was lost to natural causes, but to have someone take a life in that really grotesque attack—it is beyond challenging. Did you, personally, ever want Ralph to wise up a little faster as you were playing him? I could watch them for ever. Since 1957, GQ has inspired men to look sharper and live smarter with its unparalleled coverage of style, culture, and beyond. Can you talk about the process of landing the role? Updated resume: Ben says he was 'relieved' to play a good cop in the film adaptation Stephen King novel The Outsider (pictured). It's a great time to be a guy. In that way, it’s glorious. Here are 10 facts about Mendelsohn's life; Ben Mendelsohn is an actor and producer, who has made $9 million net worth through to his dedicated career. The star of HBO’s hit Stephen King adaptation answers some—but not all—of your burning questions. He's wearing jeans, deck shoes, a plaid shirt and a rustling navy waterproof. He lights another cigarette, then says thoughtfully: "They were gonna take that out." But in terms of the major stuff, I knew a lot from that initial discussion, and then when we got together. We've never seen that slow peeling back like that, where you're at times ahead of Ralph, at times just behind him. But, hey. How much did you know about your character ahead of time, and what was coming for him? © 2020 Collider Cryptomedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. As well as The New World, he's starred in The Dark Knight Rises, Killer Elite alongside Robert De Niro ("The only guy I was ever interested in thieving from when I was starting out"), and in Baz Luhrmann's Australia. I mean... the fucking boogeyman? That’s the sort of stuff that happened. Playing it cool! Holly's whole thing is, she's this absolute genius with this incredible focus, incredible knowledge, incredible abilities, but also these gaps of things she can't do, can't comprehend, can't participate in. "I'm in a very lucky period," says the actor, who is married to the British writer and journalist Emma Forrest, with whom he has a 10-month-old daughter. Even though we're seated, with a toddler in a rainbow cardigan twirling dizzily nearby, he is full of jittery vitality: he shifts in his seat, jiggles his feet, glances around. Ben Mendelsohn: It really took me by surprise. Ah. Because of you? I hope there are a couple of those people. After few years of happy married life, the duo started to have conflict and got divorced in 2016. That's him fucking with him. I never felt like it was a situation where we finished doing something and we got ripped off, or we ripped off the story by not knowing. To the best of my knowledge, that’s certainly not something that I’ve seen before. MENDELSOHN:  In a lot of ways, yeah. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.