About With a year-round balmy climate and fertile soils, Belize produces a broad range of organic fruits that make delicious tropical juices. Traveller’s Liquor’s most popular products include: For the curious, here are some unique drinks that you’ll only find in Belize: All of the above drinks and many other delicious beverages are served daily at the Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar located on the grounds of the Laru Beya Resort in Placencia. We have all the traditional foods of our people, and a variety of beverages, sometimes rum or other alcoholic beverages. Hudut is made from plantain, cooked until tender and mashed with a big mortar and pestle. Shop Every culture in Belize has their own take on the main mid-day meal. Delicious and refreshing fruit juices - lime, orange, watermelon, grapefruit, papaya and mango - are available throughout Belize. Because it doesn't matter how rich you are, outside of Belize you can't get food like this anywhere!'. Belizeans also are proud of their rum and wide selection of wines made from local ingredients like cashews, blackberries, ginger, and sorrel. Other brands of beer you can find in Belize include: True fact: Bottled beer in Belize is always served tableside with the cap removed and a napkin neatly wrapped around the neck of the bottle. Most commonly served is Belikin Regular, a lager, but Belikin also brews a lower-calorie, lower-alcohol beer, called Lighthouse Lager. Then we have something called varasa; it's like a tarnale, but it's made from a kind of cross between a banana and a plantain, picked while it's still hard and cooked until it's soft. With so much coconut grown locally, coconut features in many of the most popular desserts, including coconut fudge, coconut pie, coconut cake and coconut ice cream. 'Hudut is the one food that everyone loves. | Alcoholic Drinks. An ice cold ginger beer overlooking the beach is one of my favorite evening activities in Belize. Belikin is the native beer of Belize. For the curious, here are some unique drinks that you’ll only find in Belize: Seaweed shakes – A sweetened, thick drink made from locally-harvested seaweed plus milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla. It’s the Perfect Time to Visit Placencia Belize, The Best Place to Visit in Belize this Autumn & Winter, Belize Is Open For Leisure Travel – What You Need To Know. Caye Coffee in San Pedro gets its beans from Guatemala, but roasts them in its facility right in San Pedro, producing such popular blends as Belizean Roast and Maya Blend. Fruit wines – Including blackberry, ginger, and sorrel. | Boil ups – A Creole favorite featuring fish, plantains, pig’s tail (not a euphemism), boiled eggs and potatoes. 3. Although Belize lacks the high altitudes that benefit other Central American coffee-growing countries, some lodges in Mountain Pine Ridge (p211) have begun experimenting with growing their own beans to serve fresh coffee to their guests. That's when we have something called a "boil-up." Want more awesome Belize vacation info? Here we make cassava bread from it. In recent years, Belize has started catering to coffee drinkers with its own homegrown beans. Caribbean Extra Strong – Exactly what the label says! There is also a stronger Belikin Stout and Belikin Premium, in a bigger bottle but the same strength as Belikin Regular. 'Seaweed shakes' sold by street vendors - a blend of condensed milk, a few spices and extract of Eucheuma isoforme, which grows underwater as a tangle of yellow branches - are claimed to have aphrodisiac and many other restorative properties. But when they come home, the first thing they want is to eat some traditional Belizean food. Then we cook it up with local fish like snapper and coconut milk. Seaweed shakes – A sweetened, thick drink made from locally-harvested seaweed plus milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla. When they find us, and see what a small restaurant we are, they're sometimes surprised. While you can drink it straight, most locals mix it with fruit juice. Belikin Premium – Made from a fine blend of three separate malts and two kinds of hops. Rico’s Restaurant serves up a mouthwatering array of Belizean and international dishes and delicious cocktails made from fresh, local ingredients. Copyright 2020 by Laru Beya - a Belize All Inclusive Resort located in Placencia Peninsula. Cashew wine – Made from the fruit of the cashew tree instead of the nut.