Beko are the WORST company i have ever come across. Confirmed he did not have part, would need to order and return visit in 3 weeks. Washing machine only lasted 2yrs! In the end cancelled the plan and binned the machine. I’m not given to complaints but the four month saga with them left me little choice. However, our fridge has never worked.PortDevon advised us that we needed to contact BEKO directly. Likely, my rights are still covered by European Consumer Law.. Have never experienced staying on the phone for 1,5hours without being even connected to anyone. It stopped working in August. Join the 702 people who’ve already reviewed Beko. Awful customer service - 3 weeks and counting for a fridge/freezer repair..... BEKO WHY haven't you answered my e mails? machine fixed without replacement. Absolutely shameful that this washing machine only lasted 13 months before breaking down!! I refuse to buy a new one, my product is under 2yrs warranty. Complained, requested manager call back. just need my machine fixed under the warranty i have in place! FAULTY APPLIANCES, AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE, WORST service ever. I gave him my Guarantee Ref No which Beko e-mailed me when I bought fridge 10 months ago. I will never buy a BEKO appliance again! Last Thursday I called Beko, they advised that they again can trace no information on replacement but would call me back within 24 hours. Buying Beko isn't the problem but ones it becomes faulty, you are on your own. Lucky we were at home when dishwasher caught fire. The only problem is that they were selling it because they were moving abroad. Since 15/08/2020 (the day we moved in) we've been without a working fridge. I don’t think so. We bought a free standing fridge freezer, frost free. Beko advised they know nothing about a replacement machine but would look into it and call me back within 48 hours. It broke straight away, and someone came out but its repeatedly having problems. Their customer service is as cheap as their products. Feel free to. I am in the trade and I think Beko is the best quality and value. Time consuming, a total waste of time and very, very frustrating.Having now read the hundreds of negative reviews on Trustpilot it is clear that Beko's customer services policy is to cut customers off from lengthy phone calls and not allow them to use the website form for reporting faults.We are gutted that we have spent so much money on a Beko product which is now faulty and that Beko feel it is satisfactory to ignore their customers and actively make it impossible to have faults put right on their products.Many companies have proved that it is possible to offer excellent customer services during a crisis such as Covid-19, but it seems to me that Beko are hiding behind this situation and using it as an excuse to avoid helping their customers.We will never buy a Beko product again. Very limited information available on cost of repair and all effort directed at getting customers to sign up for ongoing care plan. To top it off, the Beko customer service team is very bad, each time we've had to resort to going through the website (AO) we got it instead of Beko and they refuse to help. Brought a double fridge/freezer that did ice and water in June. A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY AND VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have had to make four phone calls to try and get in touch with a manger and as of yet I still haven’t been able to speak to a manger. He told me he would speak to another department and 'get it sorted'. Soooo frustrating. A waste of my $2000. Bought a Beko dishwasher £380 19/12/2019 from Currys the steam been leaking from the top which has caused £400 worth damage to my new kitchen range Currys they just directed me to the manufacture Beko . I actually can’t believe there are companies still like this!!! WARNING!!! Being a mum of two relatively young kids we accumulate quite a lot of washing and the timed quick was is just so quick and makes life so much easier. Recommended to all. So I am now fining them £80 for two missed appointments they didn’t make plus kitchen damage and replace dishwasher. Very pleased with the items I bought a fridge freezer, dishwasher and an oven. No email, no live chat. I had 3 engineer appointments they only turned up once repaired a seal then another electrical part as apparently that goes in 2 years time but not doing a recall as it then out of warranty some customer pays for the replacement. Once signed up, there is again very little information on when repair will be done - spent hours chasing them on phone to no avail. Bought a Beko tumble dryer as a replacement for our long lasting White Knight, after two months the new dryer developed a grinding noise, we was informed that an engineer could not attend for two weeks and an appointment was booked and confirmed by email, but after waiting in nearly all day they did not arrive, a phone call to the service team followed and we were informed that Beko had left a message on our answerphone, but had not backed this up with an email!.We now have to wait a further two weeks, meaning that will be a month without the tumble dryer! Bought a vacuum cleaner from them directly which doesn't work. Phoned Beko Monday, they advised that they were awaiting authorisation to replace machine but promised 100% that I would get a call in less than 24 hours. Just as he's about to give the engineer's contact number the line goes dead. No call received! It meant we could enjoy good coffee and heat up our food. We didn't have a choice when purchasing appliances as everything came with the house. !Appalling customer service, just kept giving me different numbers to call, and went round in circles! Don’t buy. This is caused by Beko outsourcing their engineering repairs to a company that simply doesnt seem to be able to actually provide engineers to any sort of reliable schedule and, worse, couldn't seem to care less. Clothes come out entirely covered in fluff. They can't manage to do this or explain to me why not. No call! No direct replacement with Beko. I refused as no confirmation and called Beko. NO, you can't even be bothered with this can you? The beko washing machines are fantastic mine was £199.00and washes better than more expensive one 12 month gaurantee any way why would you insure one at that price. I regret my original purchase. This dishwasher is basic and just right for us because it does the job and is easy to run and maintain. What a total waste of money. Waited a week for an engineer who confirmed the compressor had failed and recommended Beko replace it. !What a joke! one month out of warrenty and it's caput. They have been out to fix it 3 times. Bought this under the counter fridge given we already have other Beko appliances. We purchased a Beko Washing Nachine in May 2020. Worst company I have ever dealt with. It's so terrible and I know no one I know will be going for any beko appliances. They will phone me back within 24 hours with a code to get a new appliance from Curry’s.Still waiting! These goods should have lasted years, as I do take good care of my things. Unlawful lack of service, will take legal actions. * In reply. Smart and very spacious. AND I WILL WORN OTHERS. BEKO said they could send someone this Saturday! Beko freezer -nice design with clean lines and excellent storage space. Utterly shameful. No engineer came and we called BEKO again only to be told this had been rearranged to the 16th September. Absolutely shameful that this washing…, TERRIBLE MACHINE AND TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, Never buy Beko due to poor customer service.