8.7 based on 2413 reviews. Reviews are the subjective opinion of Travel Gay users, not of Travel Gay. The music and the acts were overall really great. In August, an international crowd arrives for the big 12-day Circuit Party. For me, it was yet another reason to love Barcelona. By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that third-party cookies will be set (so that they can link the reason for your purchase to my blog). This law was replaced by the Law of Dangerousness and Social Rehabilitation in 1970, which extended the powers of the state over LGBT+ people to include up to 3 years imprisonment and “rehabilitation” in special prisons known as “galerías de invertidos” (“galleries of deviants”), which saw most of those arrested – primarily cis gay men and trans women – being subjected to torture and electric shock treatments. During this time, many LGBT+ people from the Catalan region took refuge in Sitges, the tiny seaside town 35 kilometres southwest of Barcelona.
So, if you're a little bit fabulous and ready for some big adventures, then let me - Fanny Minka - be your guide. | Walk to gay bars & clubs.

Stay safe! Barcelona Pride will next take place from 19–26 June 2021, with the parade happening on Saturday 26 June.

Your email address will not be published. 9.02 based on 990 reviews. Located on the opposite side of Plaça d’Espanya roundabout, it is a 5-minute walk from both Pride Village and Rocafort Metro station. I’ve stayed at the Market Hotel, which is quite sexy (watch my video review) and a really great mid-range option, and Leonardo Hotel Barcelona Las Ramblas, which I also have a detailed review for. For further information please contact the organizer directly.

Considered to be the biggest LGBT+ Pride celebration in the Mediterranean, with over 200,000 people taking part in the celebrations each year, Barcelona Pride is a wonderful time to visit the city. 8 based on 2585 reviews. For 2019, the theme of Barcelona Gay Pride will be 'We are Family', which aims to send a strong message of unity and inclusion. Please check the venue or event's own website for the latest information. Welcome to the fight for freedom, dignity, respect and acceptance for the LGBTQ rights. Nearly a decade later, Spain recognised transsexuality in 1987 by allowing people to change their gender on official documents without having to undergo surgery. This was actually really nice because, having marched in both of the LGBT+ demonstrations above, it felt less like a whole bunch of people coming to “watch the freaks” as the crowds can sometimes feel and more like locals and less exhibitionistic visitors wanting to celebrate Pride.

It felt amazing to be outside in the warm evening air, surrounded by so many amazing LGBT+ people. Find event and ticket information.

This was kind of annoying as you couldn’t be sure how long you would be at the party for/how much you would drink. Barcelona Pride will next take place from 19–26 June 2021, with the parade happening on Saturday 26 June. In response to change of law in 1970, the first public LGBT+ activist group, Movement for the Homosexual Liberation (MELH), was formed in Spain but their actions were quickly suppressed by the Franco regime. Welcome to the celebration of diversity. Planning to be in Barcelona for Pride? June 2020 in Barcelona. Learn how your comment data is processed. Having been to Sydney Mardi Gras and London Pride before, which are both heavily marshalled with barriers and huge crowds, I was expecting Barcelona Pride to be the same. Despite, all the progress in the past 40 years, hate crimes targeting LGBT+ people still exist and, according to local authorities, have increased in Spain over the past couple of years. | On La Rambla. For further information about the itinerary, please check Pride Barcelona’s website . inclusivity at the heart of everything I write. I was lucky enough to visit Barcelona during Pride 2018.

Plus, I didn’t clock many other queer people on the streets – but again, as I said, this was probably because I wasn’t in the heart of the gaybourhood. The parade took only 2.5 hours for everyone to march and both participants and observers to file into the Pride Village. Attention! For artists, free thinkers and those oppressed by the Spanish state, it was a countercultural haven from the military dictatorship that ruled the country. This means the struggle towards LGBT+ visibility and equality are still very real, making Pride a hugely important event both in Spain (and around the world). The party was free and there was ample room for the thousands of revellers filling the outdoor party. Coronavirus Update: Please note that some events may be canceled in line with local government advice.
Gay and trans people were joined by libertarians, trade unionists and allies, who gathered in Plaça de Catalunya to protest. Barcelona > Pride & Events Pride events are almost year around in Barcelona, peaking with the gay pride parade and festival each June, which attracts around 300,000 people. If you’re more West London than East (or more Manhattan than Brooklyn) then this is the area for you, as the bars and shops are a little more upscale than El Raval. Stylish rooms Excellent location. There were very few banners around the streets for example, so it felt like it could have been any other weekend. Part of Out4You Ltd.