The best of everything is waiting for you! Balvenie is good at producing drams that are easily enjoyable though. The rich amber-colored 17 ($94) is full-flavored and balanced, develops slowly, and brims with sweet malty notes and the intensely jammy flavor of a black mission fig—and with a touch of peat smoke and a hint of oak to boot. Full of flavour, slightly smoky and dangerously smooth. It ain’t just sweet cough medicine, it’s got character, a little wood and a smoky sternness beneath all that glad-handed good-fellowship. You should know that we will store your details securely just in case we need to get in touch with you about your post in the future. This was way more than I expected from this brand, I highly recommend this one for complexity and yet subtle for anyone to enjoy. Notes: Smooth and quiet on the nose with allspice, vanilla and cinnamon. The Balvenie – ah, it just seems to explode upon the tongue in a sherbet cornucopia of sweet honey and sour lemon, tailing off into gingery spice and leaving you with a long waft of sugary perfume. It’s the spiritual kin of the Shetland sweater—stylish, full of texture, and a source of great warmth. Apple, peach, nectarines, and some apricot. Thick stuff - surprising at this point. Thank you for the feedback as well! Given it a few tries and doesn't rate anywhere in my list of go to drams. It is the end-all, be-all of whisky. Had a bottle of this a couple years ago. Our experienced warehouse team take great care with every order. Very fruity, though. Great raisin sweetness , star anise, smooth nutmeg oak flavor. The oak seemed to become more dominant also. I can't wait to try the 15 year old single barrel sherry cask. Notes: It leads with dark fruit, smoke and caramel before exploding into a distinct and bright peatiness. Lumsden is a leading pioneer in wood finishing, and here he combines two vastly different whiskies to yield one damn tasty dram. It's not a bad whisky but it's just an instantly forgetable one. It's definitely a notch above the 17 Doublewood. Balvenie? However, the prominent "PortsWood" on the label is pure marketing. It's the best Scotch I have tasted. If port wood is your thing, this is just wonderful. The Balvenie 21 year old Portwood is my go to scotch. Is This Laphroaig’s Biggest, Boldest Scotch Ever. Very very smooth very much palatable no hangover Whisky. One sip and the flavours keep on coming for a good while after. The BEST affordable Single Malt on the market today! Still rather malty and waxy. Without question; the best whisky I have ever tasted! 6 Perfectly Fine Cheap Desk Chairs Under $250. Tasting notes correct - gentle and subtle... Balvenie with a beautiful brand but slacking on the delivery. The body is, admittedly, rather light. The inimitable David Stewart has been at The Balvenie going on 60 years. The bulk of the spirit that goes into the final blend was aged in ex-oloroso sherry casks, imbuing the whisky with rich toffee and vanilla flavor. If I was to give a gift to a special person - this would be it. Your email is never published nor shared. Warm, exquisitely polite, nuts lengthen until the very last moment. Very nice everyday Scotch. Sampled this, and I did enjoy the unique peachy notes on the nose and the lighter mixture of nutty, sweet and floral palate flavors. I love them, just like you, but the more I taste the more I think they're conning us with their low ABV. I wasn't disappointed! You’re buying history and tradition, craft and experience, the blood of one small nation. - YouTube Please click here for more details. Whisky Exchange Head Buyer Dawn Davies MW and Whisky Ambassador Billy Abbott review Balvenie 21 Year Old Port Wood, a rich and fruity whisky from one of the top Speyside distilleries. The 15yr old single barrel is a great favorite of mine as well. If you read this don't bother! Beautiful sexy bottle concealed in a very nice looking tube. MacLean: Yes. I would have guessed the Balvenie was going to win simply by how little is left in the bottle. One of the Best Single Malts on the market! Don't drink it with food, even if it's an 80 dollar steak. I am not generally partial to Balvenie and do not care for any of the 12 year expressions from this distillery, so I am a bit biased. The glass is almost empty, and I am growing sad, realizing this is the end of my tasting for the day. Balance is quite good, and gets better with bottle oxidation. Alternative: In America, Westland’s single malt also uses virgin oak barrels and chocolate malt. Reliable Peat: Talisker is the only distillery on the Isle of Skye, and its 18-year expression falls smack in the middle of its age statement lineup. The texture, body and flavor are excellent and smooth. In my opinion, don't even smoke a cigar with it. When you buy a bottle of Scotch, you buy a helluva lot more than liquor in a bottle. Truly a game changer in the whisky world, Aberlour A’Bunadh ($100) has commanded a cult-like following since it was introduced in 1997. Next up from 12 and you’ll … The sensation on my tongue is wonderful, building in strength, numbing the sides of my mouth. Signs of old oak aging with a fruitiness similar to that of old bourbon casks. Save up to 70% off the cover price and get free digital access. Many months ago I heard about a very sexy Speyside whisky from a good whisky friend, Victor. Pallette: Fairly good, not great inititally. We're working on a solution, but in the meantime you can find out more here. Spicy, too, pepper and a bit of chinese 5-spice or something. Pittyvaich was built in 1974 by Arthur Bell & Sons for the primary purpose of providing malt whisky for blends. Not a bad deal. I recommend a Glencairn and not a big open glass for it. This is the spoiler. A rich and robust mouthfeel. Crowd Pleaser: Highland Park continues to produce great Scotch (Jim Murray loved their recent Loki release), and the 18 is no exception. Long and warm on pears and pepper. Do you believe in ghosts? I thought Scapa an excellent single malt until today 09/11/16. Macallan is the best Speyside Distillery: The Macallan. The nose is exceptional, the palette is good, and the finish is long, but the finish can become somewhat bitter as it lingers on. Nose: Initially cherry and sweet vanilla are forefront with nutmeg spice. Delicious and drinkable. It begs further investigation. After: Complex and delicate. The Balvenie PortWood 21 (47.6% ABV, NCF) Color: Deep Bronze, thin legs running down slowly.. This has been described as “the sixth ingredient,” along with malt, yeast, water, process and wood. The 20 Best Tequilas You Can Buy Right Now, The 20 Best Whiskies You Can Buy Right Now, The 20 Best Bourbons of the 21st Century (So Far), This Barrel of Rare Burgundy Could Sell for More Than $180,000 at Auction, 5 Restaurant-Quality Foods You Can Get Delivered—and Their Perfect Wine Pairings, How Covid Pushed One Young LA Chef to Reimagine How His Dream Restaurant Would Open—and Run, Lumsden is a leading pioneer in wood finishing, The Macallan Expands Its Fine & Rare Collection With an $18,000, 27-Year-Old Scotch, Meet Tequila Komos, an ‘Ultra Luxury’ Añejo Cristalino Aged in Wine Barrels. © All content copyright Joe Abercrombie, 2009 – 2019. A surprise favorite. Or maybe, just finally getting to the end of a particularly bad day and putting your feet up, alone and comfortable. But for this price I'd expect more flavor. Tried as part of a sampler and it's not worth the money. Posted in whisky deathmatch by Joe Abercrombie on April 1st, 2013. This Japanese Craft Gin Was Made From 80,000 Cans of Excess Budweiser, The Unexpected Things This Author Learned While Writing a $1,000 Book on Whiskey, Why You Need to Add This Terroir-Driven Style of Rum to Your Home Bar. I acknowledge its not going to appeal to everyone but inhaling the aroma alone is pure ambrosia for me. It is still my favorite and has put me off of all other single malt scotch. Dr. Jordan (a martini guy) had a bottle of this at his house that he would pour for me when ever I stopped by. It sometimes feels as if some yearly releases happen because the distillery wants to increase sales. This classic Speyside whisky is worth twisting the tongue over. This dram is a great alternative to my 18YO Macallan. Should have taken more time in the port cask; not enough character been drawn out of it IMHO. Very heavy on the port. This sweetness is rushed forward by all kinds of red fruits that i had troubles to distinguish, but for those i could were strawberry (again), blueberry and guava. Taste: Sweet and fruity. ...but too subtle for me. At one of Scotland’s oldest licensed distilleries, Barrie and her team consistently turn out world-class drams such as The GlenDronach Master Vintage 1993 ($350). This is a wonderful dram and is worthy of its awards and I would predict this one is going to be pulling more awards in the future and is one I will be keeping a eye out for in the Whisky magazine. Great review though. Add to that that this is my first port finished scotch, and lest just say I couldn't wait to give this one a go. Every product is carefully selected by our editors. A’Bunadh is Scottish Gaelic for “of the origins,” a nod to Aberlour’s founder, James Fleming. I nursed that bottle for years, but alas, I finally finished it a few years ago. I can understand why people like this though, just not my style of whisky. I have to say, the jump wasn't dramatic, but this really is an awesome Scotch. But of all the whiskies he’s made, Stewart once told me, he’s most proud of DoubleWood 12 Year Old ($55), which changed the way the industry approached spirit maturation. At times it does feel thin, but it's not to the point where it bugs me, it's more like I would have loved to have seen this whisky coming in at 46% or thereabouts. Its eponymous distillery, established in 1794, produces whisky with a flavor profile that straddles the smoky style of the Scottish islands and the livelier, more toothsome malts made in the Highlands. er, sea mouth, as evidenced by its fish-oil-like texture and prominent briny notes. Honey, resin, wax - the usual Balvenie thing going on, but now there's more to it: fruit! Many premium whiskies are 18 or 21 years old. Our second semi-final pits two exemplars of contrasting Speyside styles against each other, and it’s going to be no easy contest. Almost underwhelming but rewards concentration. Confident. The Glenfiddich distillery is synonymous with Speyside whisky, and this expression is ripe with the brand’s signature cereal grain and subtle oak notes. I'm sure I didn't pay the $200+ it costs these days back when I bought it; I sure wish I would have several more! Very underwhelming. ( Belvenie 14 year). The Well Known: Along with Glenfiddich and The Glenlivet, The Macallan is the most recognizable name in Scotch.