If you access the page, then the router is working normally. Due to this, the router will move into a Transfer Files Transfer Protocol (TFTP) download mode which is registered by three left LEDs light. Changing the settings of the adapter is one of the best solutions to. problem. If your DC jack isn't loose and looks normal, I'm guessing it isn't the problem, but you might still want to try it if you don't have other options. Protect Yourself From Tech Support Scams http://support.asus.com/ServiceHome.aspx?SLanguage=en. No I did not yet...but have found the computer starts blinking everytime "Skydrive" updates files....which is like every 45 minutes, then unless I move the mouse it keeps blinking. Hence, go through them carefully and repair the router. if not, i think you will sent to service center to check boad. Model M11 AD..just bought in December 2013. In the middle of resetting my buddy comes and takes the battery out and un plug, I don't have a small hole or my battery cannot come out of my Acer laptop how do I reboot it, HP 255 G4 won't power on although the white light by the power button comes on, I having the same problem with my ASUS notebook cant take out the battery, my battery is so low now my laptop wont come on can, Laptop wont reconnect to WiFi if router drops out and then comes back up, Sony vaio sve15137cnb display not coming after boot, My laptops bezel is coming away from the screen, Strange hard drive like sounds coming from the laptop, laptop making click click sound, coming from motherboard only when laptop tilt at an angle, MY dell latitude laptop power button is on but it's not coming up. Thank you for any help you can give. At first, open the firmware upgrade utility tool on your device. The Asus are ok but you need to fork out $180 or so for the RT-N66U as min. Notice: After connect to power supply, remember to press the Power button to turn on the router. No display. Restore the router to the default setting. This is a perpetual problem with no real solution - Unplug the router - Hold WFS Button - Plug power in the router - Wait until the power LED starts flashing - Release WFS Button - When all the LEDs light up, start pressing Reset button - Tadah! Wait till the power LED begins to blink, then use the firmware recovery utility to force write to the router. After that, press the Start button and move to the All Programs option. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the steps that will help you to fix the issue in no time. 2. After that, enter the IP address in the address field. Press and hold the "WPS" button and turn the router on. If you have an Asus router, then you might confront. 3. And would MSY exchange for another brand? Hi, So as per another thread I purchased a ASUS N65U from MSY to worked with my bridged cable modem (cg3100). It may take several minutes for the router to download the firmware and do not power off or reset the router during waiting. Basically, the problem arises due to the corrupted firmware. Wait until the upgrading process gets completed. I would recommend you to contact Asus support to be on a safer side. At first, disconnect the router from the power source. If … Hold the reset button for 3 seconds, while you hold the reset button, connect the power cord back on.3. Changing the settings of the adapter is one of the best solutions to solve the Asus router power light blinking. Unplug the wireless router from the power source. Remove power adapter from the router, and connect your PC to any of the LAN port on the router. I would not even bother playing with it.. stuff that fails that fast is well worth avoiding and I would avoid the model completely.. they are known to be low build quality. But when I replace the back cover again and assembly the screws back in, the laptop again will not start. * hardware failure. Step 2. When the hard drive is accessed, then the hard drive light flashes while it is in use. Because under the normal state, the router is unable to assign an IP address to a PC. Use a pointed pin object to press and hold the Reset key. Hi tfun, to return from recovery mode, you will only need to power it down, then power up again, and it will be back to normal mode. Hence, go through them carefully and repair the router. ※Notice: If the router is restored to default status, then you 'll need to re-enter your information. You will be doing well to get MSY to take it back.. but as long as you buy something of equal or greater value I see no reason for them to complain.. then again it is MSY..