Here's a listing of today's top 10 left-handed NBA players. So what is so great about Harden? People with left handedness, aka "left handers", "lefties", "a lefty", or even "southpaws" have long had to deal with negative connotations within the western world. Robinson was locked in a duel for the NBA scoring title with Shaquille O’Neal of the Orlando Magic, so he proceeded to score a career-high 71 points (breaking George Gervin’s single-game franchise record of 63 points) against the Los Angeles Clippers to win it by a landslide after Shaq only mustered 32 points. Aside from his remarkable achievements, another thing that makes Bill Russell quite a legend is the fact that he is one of the few left handed NBA players. For more than two decades, he played for the Grizzlies for 12 seasons and led the team to win more than 400 games with seven straight playoff appearances. At a time where big men had started to evolve as more than “dump-it-down guys,” Robinson was a swift, skilled big with a feathery-smooth lefty jumper that separated him from others of his class. Because of his remarkable skills and aptitude and his offensive mastery, he is one of the highest scorers in the NBA. Don’t miss out on the games of these legends the next time they hit the court. Check out the best active left handed NBA players currently playing today. We love basketball as we love our customers! Aside from this legendary performance, there is a lot to admire about this left handed NBA player. Who can compare to the Lord of the Rings himself? At the 2016 NBA Draft pick, Ben Simmons was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers and has remained one of the Sixers throughout. He could challenge for a few of the top spots in this list if he can win a championship and enjoy the same type of success in the next few years. He has also had over 20 rebounds in 10 consecutive seasons and it would come as a surprise if someone manages to beat that record. At 5’9″, Washington Wizards’ point guard Isaiah Thomas might be one of the smallest left handed NBA players on the court. Then he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets where he started out as a good player, although not with a promising future. Archibald missed the latter part of the 1976-77 season as well as the entire 1977-78 campaign with this injury, only to see his 20.5-point average nearly folded in half upon his return to the court in 1978-79 with 11 points per game at age 30. Aside from this, he has multiple awards and achievements including eight NBA All-Star. What Are The Best Online Sites For Free Basketball Games? What’s not to love about this NBA star? I, myself, experienced the struggle you are experiencing right now as a player, that’s why we are here to help you. The latin word for left, "sinistra" is where we get the modern word "sinister". No wonder he is a 2-times NBA All-Star with two Pac-10 Tournament MVPs. In addition to these two abilities, the fact that he is a left handed NBA player makes his gameplay somehow unpredictable, making it impossible to defend. He is born for speed and agility and to dodge and swerve around other players. The NBA has seen plenty of stars throughout its long existence, but there are only a handful few that have shined with the less-commonly dominant hand. He has not only served as a prominent player to the New York Knicks but also coached the same, including two other teams, Creighton and New Jersey Nets. In basketball a player may choose to make a pass or shot with the weaker hand. Archie put up 16,481 points, 6,476 assists, 2,046 rebounds, and 719 steals (which could have been more if they started counting on his rookie year in 1970. He is the top scorer of the team. He led the NBA in Player Efficiency Rating three times and finished among the top-10 in the category in 11 of his 14 seasons. I  made this site in order to help young/old players to level up their game. But as people say, rarity is special, and many people stand in awe of these left handed NBA players. But the 2018-2019 NBA season games changed everything by making the NBA All-Star Game. Just last year, there was a total of just over forty left handed NBA players. A recent study showed that college educated left handers in the United States earn on average 10-15% more than their right handed equivalents.