Learn more. Not any more, but I do applaud him for all the work he does with Operation Homefront for the military. Again, reconsider WHO your sponsorship IS. AM 600 WQRX - Salem, OH - Listen to free internet radio, news, sports, music, and podcasts. The afternoon talk is pretty good, The Demaio Sullivan report is very informative. Anyone with half a brain would be repulsed by the vitriol coming from this guys mouth. Thank you for filling my days with good information KOGO. Changed my station. 600 WREC-AM is Memphis' news, weather, and traffic station. After what seems like the 10th commercial in a row, I switch to PBS or just turn it off. They still host the fake show Jesus on weekends and scammer informercials like Online Trading Academy to con people on get rich quick scams. Sometimes he's not. If you want news in the mornings, this is the way to go. Install the Online Radio Box application on your smartphone and listen to Newsradio 600 KOGO online as well as to many other radio stations wherever you are! It has the Wall Street Journal and many newspapers parroting it's talking points and propaganda; and it has thousands of radio hate talk shows across the country offering free campaign advertising for Republicans 24/7, disguised as infotainment. There is a little bit of programming, but I am sure most people just get sick of waiting and switch turn the channel to something else. Unless you're looking for some crazy right wing hyperbole, avoid this like the plague. It dominates cable TV with partisan faux news on Fox. San Diego's News & Information Station.
There is a little bit of programming, but I am sure most people just get sick of waiting and switch turn the channel to something else. Newsradio 600 KOGO is a talk radio station in San Diego, California.

He was annoying and full of himself just like that other narcissist (Robert Sullivan) who cannot stop talking about himself and who has a voice that comes across as an insecure teenager who was never taught the art of conversation.
Most of this station spews hate. Traffic was covered every 10 minutes, which was perfect for me, since it takes 10 minutes for me to get from my home to the freeway, and if there was a backup somewhere, I could choose an alternate route. pop; top40; NonStopOldies. The company that owns KOGO would do themselves a great justice to be much more discriminating in who they hire for on-air programming talent as well as in the spots that they allow on the air, many of which are extremely annoying and very, very repetitive as well as deceptive in content. He kept interjecting his stupid comments while she was trying to report. KOGO is mostly commercials, sometimes 10 or 20 in a row! Unfortunately I can't give them a 0.