It’s also a baggy film, with its 2+-hour running time unheard of for anime, and there are undeniably some parts where it drags. The issue is that the story falters and is messy and nonsensical in places, and I can’t say it’s a great film, or even one…. The stereotypical representations of the Arab characters in the story are aged and poor, and should be noted as such. I imagine this will alienate even more viewers than Belladonna, but I love it. Mil e uma noites conta com uma dose grande de misoginia, retrata a escravidão e a tortura de uma forma bastante frouxa e possui uma maneira peculiar de retratar o oriente e o Islã.…. Other sequences are just delightful off-kilter cartoon mayhem, like a ridiculously involved duel between wizards. The animation frequently veers into the experimental, such as incorporating live-action shots of the ocean, or the downright non-representational, such as a polygonal love sequence. I take the subway crowded with passengers and get off at the nearest station.User Re... Storyline:Aki Miyata was a musician and died one year ago. The first of the three Animerama Tezuka/Eiichi Yamamoto 'Adult' animated films. © Letterboxd Limited. The episodic nature of tales is definitely plucked and picked from Tezuka's storytelling style, in the tradition of an 'epic'. Tezuka remolds the story into an escapist fantasy where a 60s-era working man is transported back to an era of entirely fictitious Arabian details. Maybe the least efficient and coherent of the three Animerama films but certainly no less ambitious, like the others a scattershot of animation styles, this one focusing elements of the Arabian Nights folklore into a saga of the power of female sex throughout history and the naive blindness inherent in male desire. Yamamoto is quite easy to rank in my opinion. My introduction to Tezuka and Yamamoto's Animerama trilogy is a lavishly designed and charmingly randy affair, in the vein of late 60's skinsploitation., My previous long time YouTube account got unjustly permanently suspended (for no discernible reason whatsoever). Belladonna of Sadness is his supreme masterpiece, in which all his creative powers are unleashed. Took me about five times to watch it all the way through cause I was always so blazed, but this is amazingly fun, and a soundtrack that fits right in with Pink Floyd. 1969 Actually, that's what makes this cartoonish-kinda-anime part of the late 60s psychodelic imaginary and aestethic. More details at The Weekly Animation Challenge 2018Week 20: Mushi Production--An X-rated anime retelling of tales from the Arabian classic One Thousand and One Nights that wears its status as a product of eye-popping 1969 psychedelia on its sleeve. Directed by Eiichi Yamamoto, Beautifully constructed, 1001 Nights stays true to the lush and mysterious backdrop of the well known and age old story. One day, Sota picks up a cassette tap... Storyline:A pharmaceutical CEO is pondering thefts and irregularities at his company. An ageless narrative that can be reconstructed endlessly. Visually engaging but extraordinarily aimless. Contudo a película é uma relíquia de um passado que se não devemos esquecer, não podemos de forma alguma glorificar. Although I am sleepy, I put on my make-up and I leave home for work at a bank. But we can never really expect anything less from Yamamoto. I wasn't able to find a copy of 'A Thousand and One Nights' with subs but decided it was worth it for the visuals, and I was right. With no ads. User Reviews: One Thousand and One Nights belongs to the early era of anime, and broke ground in two directions, establishing animation as a possible medium for both mature content (there’s a lot of sex) and serious artistic expression. En mi opinión, para lo que aspira es demasiado entretenida, después de todo es una parodia con elementos sexuales. His whole life is perfectly planned out. During a expropriation which he is in charge of, he meets Micol, a gorgeous and provocative young ... Storyline:Miss Kwan a writer with writer's block and her goofy cop boyfriend are being tormented by an American named Daniel who's housing two escaped rapists. Epic in scope in a way that I’ve seen in few animated films while being totally otherworldly at the same time. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. The most obvious flaw is one that will make a lot of people turn away instantly, which is the rather blatant racism and sexism, best exemplified in the crude Arab caricatures. It may be a bit of a leap to attribute all of the great animated films that rise above meaningless kiddie fare to this weird counterculture mash-up, but it certainly suggests that the idea of animation for adults is nothing new. He drinks a drug that temporary suppresses his signs and gives him a deathlike state for a couple of days. (Review en el libro), The least effective and coherent of Eiichi Yamamoto and Osamu Tezuka's Animerama trilogy. Something Two things stick with me a day later. As a showcase of animation, though, it's pretty stunning. Mobile site. Pre-dating Belladonna by four years, the technique already shines. But for the most part it’s easy to get caught up in the groove of the film, driven by psychedelic music and images as well as an irrepressible sense of play. From new directors to award-winners. Wherever you are. Eventually, Aldin returns to Baghdad as a much older and bitter man with the intent of becoming the new king and marrying the princess, who may or may not be his illegitimate daughter. Download to watch Offline. The influence of 60s counterculture is obvious, but I think New Wave cinema is also an inspiration here. It did manage to secure a minimal release within the US, but it chiefly missed the mark in attracting more extensive global attention. This is fucking Bullshit, its stuck on 9 Seconds. An X-rated anime retelling of tales from the Arabian classic One Thousand and One Nights that wears its status as a product of eye-popping 1969 psychedelia on its sleeve. He had bright and positive personality. Source: MAL, Yukio Aoshima Kyōko Kishida Hiroshi Akutagawa Sachiko Itô Haruko Kato Isao Hashizume Noboru Mitsuya Asao Koike, Osamu Tezuka Kazuo Fukasawa Hiroyuki Kumai, A Thousand & One Nights, Les mille et une nuits, La principessa e lo stregone, Le mille e una notte, One Thousand and One Nights, Sen'ya ichiya monogatari, Тысяча и одна ночь Ёситаки Амано, One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, 128 mins   A truly Batshit film which, honestly, is all over the place. A favorite. Also, though charming in an it's sense of acid horniness, I guess I just prefer my sexploitation gay and deviant, as even by the standards of his domestic contemporaries this feels extremely straight and safe. Sota Kubota is a university student, who is not good at socializing with people. The music is great. Some passages are enjoyable, but the artistic touch that made Yamamoto appealing a lost a little bit in this. But the art design is very impressive. For a Japanese animated movie in 1969, too, the animation here is a triumph. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Never achieves the psychedelic vaudeville strangeness of CLEOPATRA QUEEN OF SEX or the blistering transgressive power of BELLADONNA OF SADNESS but still a weird, unruly, rewarding experience. Stream Now. It's worth mentioning how weird and bizarre the majority of the sequences are. Let’s make it clear from the start: the film is peppered and brought down by its problematic approach to race and gender which definitely set the film back and place it as a work from another era. Beautiful, interesting, incredible movies — a new film every single day. Watch truly great cinema. Jayce Fryman 18,690 films 2,920 99 Edit, This list collects every film from the Starting List that became They Shoot Pictures Don't They's 1000 Greatest Films. The film follows a kid named Aldin on an epic adventure over many years that sees him rise from a humble (and horny) water seller to a tyrannical king drunk with power. June Scavenger: 29/30#10. Charming, but I have higher hopes for Belladonna of Sadness. But maybe all of this is expected in a film that Osamu Tezuka, who did the work of several lesser geniuses in his lifetime, had a large hand in creating. In fact, its really closer to Tezuka's more "adult" oriented works like Apollo's Song. Tan esta consciente de eso que habían escenas demasiado graciosas para su propio bien y para su propio mal también. I made this for myself but I thought others might find it useful. The other two films in the trilogy are CLEOPATRA and (the rather famous) BELLADONNA OF SADNESS, which are supposed to be even better. Belladonna has always felt like an attack on the sexual persecution of women, while here we follow Aladdin and a sea of slave girls and horny nude pixies. Esta película fue un experimento muy arriesgado para su época, es decir, hablamos del primer largometraje animado clasificado para adultos, principalmente por tener escenas de sexo explícito. Cleopatra is more of a conventional cartoon, even though there are some elements of surrealism and art passages, but it doesn't come close to the aesthetic appeal of aforementioned, which is why it received a lower score. However, nothing goes as planned despite the intervention of two quizzical shapeshifting creatures.User Reviews: One Thousand and One Nights belongs to the early era of anime, and broke ground in two directions, establishing animation as a possible medium for both mature content (there’s a lot of sex) and serious artistic expression. High quality movies every time, everywhere, Raped by an Angel 4: The Raper’s Union (1999). This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. ___________________________________________________________, After seeing Belladonna of Sadness I became enamored with Eiichi Yamamoto's incredibly lush animation style. His stunningly beautiful wife, Silvia has just left him for another man. They fall in love at first sight and have a tryst, but the evil sheriff arrests Aldin and takes Miriam for himself. Report this film. On top of that, any fan of animation owes it to themselves to track down this strange and forgotten gem. The Most Comprehensive List of Japanese Movies Ever...Maybe, Kinema Junpo's Best Ten Japanese Films (1926-2019), All Time Top 3,000 Films by Allan Fish (RIp). The film jumps around a number of tales, getting lost in the shuffle at times, but essentially being a rueful and fun look at these stories, with added amounts of tits. We keep moving forward in time. Just as sexually charged, perhaps a bit more misogynistic. That may seem like a weird path for the hero of a story on first glance but it is--as Joseph Campbell so famously pointed out--actually pretty common in mythology (and it's also at the heart of the first six episodes of the Star Wars franchise). Sadly, A Thousand and One Nights is further along the lines of conventionalism and way too long. Channeling a psychedelic Prince Achmed Eastern design rather than the lilting Baroquian Alphonse Mucha inspired theme seen in Belladonna. The second thing is "Made in Japan," which is funny, and is a joke that only really works if you remember that once upon a time, Japanese products were considered cheap and janky, instead of the pinnacle of forward-thinking engineering and quality. A pretty self-indulgent mess, and you always have to be a little worried about the way the Japanese can appropriate foreign cultures and reduce them to an aesthetic. The film follows a kid named Aldin on an epic adventure over many years that sees him rise from a humble (and horny) water seller to a tyrannical king drunk with power. And that groove is a very fun place to be. Explicit? Film data from TMDb. ‘千夜一夜物語’ (On the other hand, Disney’s Aladdin was pretty racist too, and everyone loved that.) The Animerama films are adult anime feature films (ie they have lots of nudity and a sexual tone, while this one being essentially comedy). Aldin flees the city and has many more bizarre, dangerous and often tragic adventures including finding Ali Baba’s cave of wonders where he meets a tomboy outlaw with a serious grudge against the sheriff, landing on a strange island full of beautiful horny naked women, escaping a gigantic man-eating monster and discovering a ship that’s actually a wish-granting genie.