It is estimated that as much as 25,000 NVA troops were positioned in the A Shau Valley area at the time. During the siege that lasted for 23 days, 75 US servicemen were killed. The valley was strategically important for the North Vietnamese Army as a major infiltration route because it was adjacent to the Ho Chi Minh Trail and Laos. Remote and usually hidden from air view by the, We followed the trail for about 3 clicks. Your main objective during this mission is to find three h... Quick question im still noobish when it comes to weapons but are the spears not worth picking up. The a shau valley vietnamese. It was the scene of much fierce fighting. Rakkasan Forever The battle was a strategic victory for the pavn in that they were able to.

Lost a lot of comrades on that hill.

While driving through the valley, seeing the craters from countless bombs that were dropped, imagining the airlifts coming in to the valley with hundreds of combat ready soldiers, tracers from anti aircraft guns painting the sky trying to take down the inbound choppers, it is impossible not to send a thought to the fighting men on both sides and the sacrifices they made. Today the valley is a sleepy backwater with a few villages scattered across the valley and Aluoi which has grown in to a small town since its days as a US special forces camp. Thung lũng a sầu is a valley in vietnams thừa thiên huế province west of the coastal city of huế along the border of laosthe valley runs north and south for 40 kilometers and is a 15 kilometer wide flat bottomland covered with tall elephant grass flanked by two densely forested mountain ridges whose summits vary in elevation from 900 to 1800. Rays home page. US and South Vietnamese troops, over the years, launched numerous combat operations in to the valley in order to try to prevent PAVN forces from infiltrating down towards the coastal areas of Da Nang and Hue. Satellite Imagery of the A Shau Valley in Vietnam. Places like Camp Ashau in the southern end of the valley, Hamburger Hill and Base area 611 are forever etched in to the memories of those who fought there. While searching the web for more information on the A Shau Valley and Operation. Aerial Photographs of certain areas of Vietnam are linked from this page. I have created maps of layton lake district hirschfelden hunting reserve and medved taiga showing the best locations f... Resource map explorer map.

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Mahalo gary Nixon, I remember it well Located in Thua Thien Province about 65 kilometers west of Hue along the Laotian border, the valley is easily reachable over day from Hue. The battle of a shau vietnamese.

Discover the beauty hidden in the maps. Rays map room vietnam areas of operation topographic digital map images. Then called for a smoke round to help us located our position, the maps were not the best. The a shau valley is a valley in vietnam.

Command ordered its capture by a frontal assault only to abandon it soon thereafter. In support of these operations US forces established numerous fireballs and radio relay stations. I to was with the 101 st. 1/327. Deep in to the cloud covered mountains bordering Laos the legendary Ashau Valley, where so many hard fought battles took place, sits. The battle was a strategic victory for the pavn in that they were able to. At that time, A Shau Valley was a North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and Viet Cong (VC) stronghold. Ashau Valley looking north from FSB Currahee. Ashau Valley looking north from FSB Currahee. They began to besiege the Americans in the firebase. Looking west from Alin bridge towards NVA Base Area 611. . Princes of t... Curse of strahd maps.

Your email address will not be published. The valley floor is around one and a half kilometer wide with the narrowest part being only a few hundred meters wide just north of Aluoi. Camp Ashau, Ta Bat and Aluoi Airfield. The a shau was the setting for some of the wars bloodiest operations.

One thing of note, the Cav took the Russian trucks back to. As much as the Ashau Valley is one of the most exciting and historically significant destinations in the country for the history traveler, it is also as beautiful as any landscape Vietnam has to offer. This page shows the location of A Shau Valley Rd, Fort Campbell, TN 42223, USA on a detailed road map. There are a couple of hotels in town for those who wants to stay the night. Co. B of the 227th AHB was the first unit to stay in the valley at night Armys special forces camp of the same name. The valley stretches some 45 kilometers from south east to north west with the Laotian border just beyond the western ridges. For those traveling in north-south direction along the Ho Chi Minh Highway, the road stretches through the whole valley.

I plan on going back when we can travel Short history of Charlie Company in the A Shau Valley, aka Death Valley, located on the Ho Chin Minh trail, and 1 of the major resupply areas for NVA regulars.

The materials in this gallery are devoted to operations which took place in the a shau valley.

Video documents activities of the 101st airborne division in the a shau valley from 1969 through 1971. Spent lots of time humping the mountains Ashau Valley. Includes Hue, Quang Tri, The A Shau Valley, Khe Sahn, and a lot of the LZs and Firebases. Does anyone have a mansion map. Deep in to the cloud covered mountains bordering Laos the legendary Ashau Valley, where so many hard fought battles took place, sits. ... Each region has been the setting of at least two games in the generation in which it debuts.

Reconnaissance troops climbed the hill sides, desperately trying to stay out of the way of enemy troops and at the same time gather as much information as possible.

The A Shau Valley is a slit in the mountains 45 miles west of Hue, close to the Laotian border. This is also the reason US launched operations such as Delaware, Apache Snow and Dewey Canyon with the purposes of driving PAVN out of the valley and destroying its logistics and communications centers.

A shau valley vietnam map. It was the toughest thing i have ever done. Are you going to the reunion this week? Position your mouse over the map and use your mouse-wheel to zoom in or out. HHC BCO 3/187 101ST AIRBORNE 1969. See more ideas about vietnam vietnam war and vietnam war photos. Resource Map (Ragnarok) - Official ARK: S... Slightly different video today. Im currently running that and then my friend will be running the rise of tiamat but the only map sets i can find f... As you progress through the courtyard more and more will be revealed through. The Artillery. These pages are maintained by: Kevin Kilkenny, Administrator 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association (Airmobile – Air Assault) 950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150 Folsom, CA 95630 During the early years of the war, US troops established three special forces camps to cover the southern and center parts of the valley. Ashau Valley was one of the most important infiltration routes for the PAVN from the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos. It was the scene of much fierce fighting. Army and army of the republic of vietnam arvn forces against peoples army of vietnam pavn forces from 10 to 20 may 1969 during operation apache snowalthough the heavily fortified hill 937 was of little strategic value us. We were the best American soldiers that America had.

The mission also included establishment and construction of firebases, helicopter and artillery revetments, and other facilities along the route which went over and through the dissected landscape of mountains and small valleys.

Mar 3 2019 explore larryhellies board vietnam a shau valley followed by 133 people on pinterest. The NVA had seized the A Shau Valley, just 30 miles south of Khe Sanh combat base, in March 1966 after overrunning an isolated Special Forces camp there. It was so beautiful and so dangerous | Military | Vietnam, The Digital Military Historian: KMZ file for A Shau Valley, U1591911 | 30 Apr 1968, A Shau Valley, South Vietnam --- A, A Valley Soaked in Rain & Blood | HistoryNet, Introduction - Ripcord: Screaming Eagles Under Siege, What Happened on May 11th – Hamburger Hill | IF I ONLY HAD, Vietnam: Lao Bao, Khe Sanh, A Shau Valley, A Luoi, Highway. The a shau valley of northern south vietnam was a key infiltration route for north vietnamese forces during the vietnam war. Trận a sầu was waged in early 1966 during the vietnam war between the peoples army of vietnam pavn and the forces of the united states and south vietnamthe battle began on march 9 and lasted until march 10 with the fall of the us. The operation in the A Shau Valley cost the NVA 739 KIA and tons of lost supplies. Thank you for your comment Rodger. Later this week I will publish a video from the visit to the hill and also a new article on this website. It was the scene of much fierce fighting. Again I fell in love with the tropics and spent my working life living on Maui The mountains sides were riddled with anti-aircraft installations in order to keep the US choppers and bombers out. The A Shau Valley is a slit in the mountains 45 miles west of Hue, close to the Laotian border. Most of those sites were located on the eastern ridge tops and are not really accessible today. We got the heck back into Viet Nam rather quickly.

The whole valley : Old French airstrip: Seen from FSB Blaze: Recon In Force: Return to Home Page. From street and road map to high-resolution satellite imagery of A Shau Valley Road. The A Shau Special Forces Camp was located in the A Shau Valley, about 30 miles (50 km) southwest of Huế in Thừa Thiên Province.

Thanks to its unique geography and location, the Ashau valley was ideal for PAVN’s purposes staging and infiltration. The battle of hamburger hill was a battle of the vietnam war that was fought by us. A shau valley hwy 548 a shau sf camp map sheet 6441 2 767kb da nang area da nang hai van pass hill 364 more map sheet 6641 3 662kb.