There have been 11 safety recalls issued from NHTSA. Install the self-tapping screw any place in the 30 mm space (from the bottom of the smooth tube) between location 1 and 2. My 2015 Suburban ltz has lost both front struts. Next, on Friday March 23, 2018 we were traveling on an interstate at a high speed when the brake pedal became impossible to depress. : 14300A 3825800 Note: The screw will hold the strut together for removal. After looking around I was correct it is due to a failed magnetic ride system which Chevy is aware of and choosing to do nothing. Thank you for sharing your experience. Recalls don't cost you anything to get fixed, but most are time-limited, so if your car is affected you should call your local Chevrolet service department immediately! Steering wheel locked and failed to turn after putting into drive when leaving a parking spot. Official recalls have been issued for the 2015 Chevrolet Suburban by the NHTSA. Our Suburban is losing steering control and the front suspension begins to bounce. Searching the net reveals there are many affected vehicles built from 2009 to 2017 with the affected problem. Vibration has continued at speeds of 70-80 mph. Don't waste your time wasting ours! The Suburban started bouncing a lot when driving and we took it into the dealer. Owners may contact Chevrolet customer service at 1-800-630-2438, Cadillac customer service at 1-800-458-8006 or GMC customer service at 1-800-462-8782. Have taken our Suburban in for multiple repairs but their reasoning was the vehicle and tires were not balanced however after replacing the tires and getting a road forced balance it did not resolve the issue. This will be the last Chevy I ever buy. Contact your dealer as soon as possible The recall began October 12, 2018. Please help consumers to make this right. In October 2017 we experienced brief periods where brake pedal became rigid and impossible to depress. GM will notify owners, and dealers will reflash the SDM software. GM will notify owners, and dealers will reprogram the Electronic Brake Control Module, free of charge. Yesterday after bouncing all over the road for months and to the point of being unsafe to drive I took the SUV to the dealership only to be told I need 2 new shocks on the front end ($2,000). Just sharing my experience for others... seams to be a common issue. I should have stayed with auto maker that stands behind their product. The dealer wanted to do put new brake pads and turn the rotors. This data is from the NHTSA — the US gov't agency tasked with vehicle safety. Example: "Bad Brakes", "Toyota Recall", etc. The amount of vacuum created by the vacuum pump may decrease over time. At least some compensation would be great but the dealership doing the work said no since Chevy does not recognize the defect. This seems to be a very common problem on these vehicles. This is another serious safety issue. 'View More' : 'View Less' }}. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. Read more », During deployment, the RRAB may be punctured or torn by the roof carrier hardware, reducing its performance and increasing the risk of occupant injury in the event of a ... Read more », If the transfer case switches to neutral while the vehicle is parked and the parking brake is not in use, the vehicle may roll away increasing the risk of injury to bystanders. To contact the forum owner hit the Contact Us link. The contact stated that his vehicle bounced up and down while driving at various speeds without warning. If the vehicle is in a crash, the air bags may not deploy, increasing the risk of occupant ... Read more », An unexpected loss of power steering increases the risk of a crash. Fluid level is normal. The complete details of all recalls are listed below, along with what they cover and the recommended solutions. Please help consumers to make this right. General motors llc (gm) is recalling certain model year 2015 chevrolet silverado, suburban, tahoe, gmc sierra, and yukon xl vehicles, equipped with electric power steering (eps). Log In, General Motors LLC (GM) is recalling certain model year 2015 Cadillac Escalade and Escalade ESV vehicles. This work was also done. Steering has been becoming increasingly less responsive and requiring more force. I find it ridiculous that Chevrolet will not stand behind its product, especially when so many people are having issues with the same parts of the vehicle. If this is as common of a problem as it seems, and I were a major auto maker, I would be embarrassed that an upgraded, high tech suspension system that I added to my $70,000 product was causing my consumers a very premature, very expensive repair. These repairs will be performed free of charge. Dealership has changed 3 of 4 tires could not get road forced balances with 22 inch tires. We have a 2015 Suburban LTZ with 62,000 miles. Li. The first time it happened was in 2017. Our Suburban is losing steering control and the front suspension begins to bounce. The contact stated that while the vehicle was at robert Chevrolet 236 south broadway hicksville, NY 11801 phone (888)-619-7642, for brake service the contact was advised that the vehcle front struts were leaking. I have never heard of shocks "locking up" . As the vacuum level drops, the brake assist decreases, increasing braking effort, extending the distance required to stop the vehicle, thereby increasing the risk of a crash. GM is aware of the problem since there are so many vehicles with this same problem. Needed to put back into reverse to release the wheel. I have never heard of shocks "locking up". While the vehicle was at robert Chevrolet (236 South broadway, hicksville, NY 11801, (888)-619-7642) for brake service, the contact was informed that the front struts were leaking. I have just over 84000 miles on my Suburban. The overheated exhaust components may melt nearby plastic parts and may result in an engine fire. The vehicle was repaired. Example: "Bad Brakes", "Toyota Recall", etc. GM's number for this recall is N192268490. A problem that GM has failed to address. Car exhibits shaking/vibrations at speeds about 65mph, which at times is accompanied by a buffeting sound. During this test, deployment of the frontal air bags and the seat belt pretensioners would not occur in the event of a crash. Many people are having this problem according to the dealership and the repair shop.